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Do you have an interest in learning about the leadership of NAIFA-Maine? Are you interested in participating on one of the Committees within the NAIFA-Maine Organization as the YAT representative? Check out the information below and/or contact Sarah Mosley, NAIFA-ME YAT Chair at

NAIFA-Maine Leadership:

President – Duke Marston
Lisa Laliberte - President Elect
Immediate Past President – Tim Thompson
National Committeeperson – Max Lynds

Secretary-Treasurer – Lindsey Lessard

NAIFA-Maine Committees and Chairs

Young Advisor Team Committee

Chair: Lindsey Lessard

Committee Members: Would you like to join this committee or be the YAT Liason to a Committee below? Contact Lindsey to learn about help needed and to volunteer.

The mission of the Young Advisors Team (YAT) is to SOW the value of membership with new and young advisors, so they are empowered to SURVIVE their first years in the business, to GROW into involved NAIFA members and become successful advisors who THRIVE in the industry and our association.

Government Relations Committee

Chair: James Jackson

The Government Relations Committee has overall responsibility for the association’s legislative program, and its Political Involvement Committee (APIC) and Political Action Committee (IFAPAC). To assist with these responsibilities, separate vice chairs for APIC and IFAPAC, are appointed and separate APIC and IFAPAC subcommittees are created.

Political Involvement Committee

Chair: Open

Advisors Political Involvement Committee (APIC) oversees our legislative action. When federal or state legislation hits a crucial point in the process, agents and advisors communicate NAIFA's message directly to our national and state representatives. This contact takes place in the form of letters, faxes, phone calls and face-to-face meetings in congressional districts and in Washington, D.C., as well as with our legislators in Augusta.

Legislative Committee

Chair: Kerry Peabody

The Legislative Committee works closely with NAIFA-ME Lobbyist, Dan Bernier in following current legislative activity in Augusta.

Political Action Committee

Chair: Tim Thompson

The Insurance and Financial Advisors Political Action Committee (IFAPAC) describes collectively the PAC sponsored by NAIFA at the federal level and the PAC sponsored by NAIFA-ME. Each PAC is a fund that supports the campaigns of candidates for public office who understand issues important to insurance agents and financial advisors.

IFAPAC’s goal is to help the associations advance the legislative and regulatory interests of the members of NAIFA. While any U.S. citizen can contribute to IFAPAC, only members of NAIFA may be solicited to do so. Contributions must be voluntary. Contributions are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. Of approximately 4,600 political action committees registered with the Federal Election Commission, IFAPAC ranks in the top tier. IFAPAC is the largest insurance PAC in the country. In the last election cycle, the national IFAPAC contributed approximately $1.8 million to federal candidates and committees.

Programs & Professional Development Committee

Chair: Lisa Bussiere

The Professional Development & Programs Committee is responsible for planning and executing member meetings, promoting professional career development and other NAIFA benefits, and providing members with quality education programs. These educational opportunities will enhance members’ knowledge and ability to market and sell insurance and other financial products and services. 

Membership Committee

Chair: Tim Thompson

The Membership Committee is responsible for coordinating activities to RECRUIT, ENGAGE AND RETAIN members.

Annual Meeting & Sales Congress Committee

Chair: Duke Marston

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NAIFA Maine is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.

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