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When it comes to political advocacy and protecting the interests of its members, NAIFA is one of the best in the business.  NAIFA  Maine's Government Relations Committee partners with The Law Office of Daniel J. Bernier, LLC to lobby on behalf of the issues important to our industry, our products and services and our clients.

NAIFA-Maine and The Law Office of Daniel J. Bernier, LLC works hand in hand with NAIFA's national law department to positively impact state legislation and regulation. Together they develop lobbying strategies, comment on key issues, implement uniform policies and participate in litigation. Our many successes have hinged on NAIFA's favorable relationships with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL), the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), and the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL).


Committee Members:

NAIFA-Maine Government Relations Committee Chair

Susan Mckay


(207) 7371


NAIFA-Maine Political Action Committee Chair

Duke Marston, CLU, ChFC, JD


Phone: (207) 338-0204


NAIFA-Maine Political Involvement Committee Chair - State Legislators

Tim Thompson


Phone:  (207) 671-5079

NAIFA-Maine Political Involvement Committee Chair- Federal Legislators

David Spellman


Phone:  (207) 854-9745


NAIFA-Maine Legislative Committee Chair 
Kerry Peabody


Phone: (207) 523-2253



NAIFA Maine contracts a full time professional lobbyists who works with our state’s Government Relations Committee to not just “watch over” the legislative activities but to proactively engage in weaving the NAIFA Maine voice and mission into the culture of each of the legislative bodies in Maine.   Our volunteers, staff and lobbyists together review pending legislation that may affect our industry but also work to proactively introduce legislation that will benefit our agents, clients and industry in Maine. Take a look at our advocacy efforts in:

Other Advocacy Resources:

House Nears Vote on Bill That Frees Advisors To Report Senior Fraud.docx

April 2018 NAIFA- Legislature Second Regular Session .docx

NAIFA-ME- Legislature Second Regular Session (2).docx

Legislative Wrap Up.docx



Public Laws.pdf

Legislative Wrap Up.docx

IRA Protection.pdf


MAIC-128th 1st Session

            The 128th Legislature has gotten off to a little bit of a slow start. Discussions over the three percent (3%) education tax on incomes of over two hundred thousand ($200,000.00) dollars are a major issue for this session. Debate over fine tuning the legalization of marijuana is also dominating legislative discussions this year.

            LD 193 An Act to Protect Individual Retirement Accounts from Creditor Collection will give IRA’s the same status as 401K’s when it comes to protection from creditors. Currently, a creditor cannot attach a 401K, and if someone files bankruptcy, they can keep their 401K through a bankruptcy. IRA’s do not enjoy the same level of protection although they are mentioned in the exempt property statute. LD 193 would treat IRA’s the same as 401K’s.

            There are a number of bills dealing with 529 plans which propose to bring back tax deductions or credits for 529 plan contributions. It is not likely those bills would pass, but we will keep you posted on those.

            LD 290 An Act to Phase Out Insurance Premium Tax on Annuities has now been printed. It has not yet been scheduled for a public hearing, but we will let you know as soon as it has been scheduled. This would remove annuities from the premium tax. Maine is one of only seven states still clinging to this old way of taxing annuities.

            LD 361 An Act to Ensure Fair Compensation for Licensed Insurance Agents raises concerns over practices of not paying Insurance Agents for selling certain medical insurance policies. While traditionally we have not wanted the legislature involved in agent compensation, we are concerned about insurance carriers penalizing agents for selling during special enrollment periods.


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